Rooted Coffee Company was created for you. 

When buying our beans, you can be confident that your purchase makes a difference globally.

Family owned & operated

From the perspective of owner, Jon Gilmore:

The idea of owning a coffee shop had been on my heart since I graduated college, but the timing and partnership was not there…then I met my wife Jenny who shared the same passion and desire to connect with people, create community and positively affect the lives of farmers globally who so often get overlooked. In short, Rooted Coffee Company was created for you. When buying our beans, you can be confident that your purchase makes a difference globally. Likewise, when booking Rooted for an event, you can be confident that your guests will walk away with an incredible cup of coffee while also feeling appreciated and valued.  

We are proud of our knowledge, taste, and expertise in making coffee. We are also extremely proud of our company's ability to offer a high quality product while also being kind and generous.

Rooted Coffee Company donates 10% of profits to local and global charities.

Our Passion

We believe in offering a quality product and experience. For us, it starts with sourcing beans that are exclusively organic & fairly traded. Farmers who grow fair trade products receive a fair price while their communities and the environment benefit as well. Rooted is interested in bettering the lives of our bean farmers as well as leaving a better world for the next generation. These farmers enjoy freedom of association, safe working conditions and fair wages. Forced child labor is strictly prohibited.  

While our goal is not to save the planet, we do intend to be good stewards of our resources and try our best to make a minimal impact on the earth. We do this by:

- exclusive use of fair-trade, organic beans

- exclusive use of plant based milks

- exclusive use of compostable, petroleum-free cups

- exclusive relationship with one independent, local roaster

Did we mention that Rooted Coffee has a smooth and complex taste with an aroma that is incomparable?!