Rooted Coffee Co.

On mission to cultivate community through food and beverage, rooted in connection, service, and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far do you deliver?

We are a small business with one person doing deliveries throughout the week. We guarantee delivery within 48 hours and assure that the beans were roasted within 10 days. If you have a Walnut Creek, Concord, or Pleasant Hill address---we will deliver for free. If you live in a city just outside our delivery range, click the shipment option and we will charge you the $5 for delivery. If you live further, click the shipment option and we will ship your beans--- $5 each pound.

Where can I purchase your coffee besides online?

You can find us at the local Walnut Creek Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings from 9-1.

How do I know what local events you will be at so I can follow you for a cup of coffee?

Follow us on our Facebook page to find out where we will be selling coffee to the public!

Do you have plans to open a store front?

Yes. We have plans, dreams, & lots of hope. Having grown up in Walnut Creek, we feel blessed. But we also feel a longing for a cool/family owned/one-of-a-kind/high quality specialty coffee shop. And now that we have children, we feel a longing to leave an authentic place for them to enjoy and support. Partnership is on our mind --- email us if you are interested or want to hear more about our dream!

You guys look familiar…did your business ever have a different name?

Yes. We started our coffee business under the name Marley's Coffee in March 2013. We named the business after our daughter Marley so she would feel included and as a reminder of the business practices we want to teach our children. Our family has since grown with the recent birth of baby Judah. We decided to change our name to Rooted so that we all are included and as a reminder to be rooted in LOVE & integrity.